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Compare GPLDL with Plugin Rush

Is Plugin Rush the only alternative option to GPLDL? We’ve put together a comparison table, reviews, and GPLDL alternative sites to help you choose.

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What is the best GPLDL alternative?

GPLDL is a GPL plugin and theme market from India with access to over 3,000 Wordpress & WooCommerce plugins available to download under a subscription based model. GPLDL charges $15/m or $90/year for an annual subscription to their service. Just like Plugin Rush, they offer access to 100% legal and developer versions of popular Wordpress plugins and themes that are updated in real time. GPLDL offers a very similar service to Plugin Rush but charges almost double for the same products. Let’s take a comparison look at these 2 services.

Plugin Rush GPLDL
Cost $9/m $15/m
Number of products 2,436 2,631
Websites Unlimited Unlimited
API Yes Yes
Account Support Yes Minimal
Platforms supported Wordpress, WooCommerce Wordpress, WooCommerce

What is a GPL club?

Themes and plugins for WordPress can add up to yearly expenses of several thousand dollars. This can be a significant expense and a barrier to expansion for many different types of online enterprises. Signing up to be a member of a so-called “GPL club” is one of the ways that proprietors of companies try to reduce the amount of money they spend on these items.
WordPress plugins and themes can be resold at a much reduced cost through membership clubs such as Plugin Rush and GPLDL. It seems like an obvious choice, doesn’t it? As you could reasonably anticipate, there are a few catches…

Just what is the GPL?

The GNU General Public License is a form of software license that enables anybody to download the software, make changes to it, fork it, and distribute new versions of it.


The software is available for download and use by anyone.

Anyone can edit it

Free copies of the software are available for redistribution to anyone who wants them.

Anyone is allowed to distribute versions of the software that have been modified.

There are a lot of WordPress developers who share their plugins and themes under the “General Public License,” or GPL, even though they charge yearly fees for their plugins and themes (also sometimes called GNU GPL).

What the Hell are these developers charging you for, if this WordPress software is free and licensed under the GNU General Public License?

The correct response is support.
You don’t buy a GPL plugin per se.
In exchange for your payment, you will receive access to all future upgrades and releases, as well as the chance to make support requests directly to the author.
Even the WordPress CRM software itself is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
This identifies WordPress as open-source software, which means that it is accessible to anybody for use, modification, and expansion.

Are plugins and themes from GPLDL legal?

It is not against the law to alter or redistribute a WordPress plugin or theme that was distributed under the GNU General Public License. However, there are many who believe that it violates ethical standards.

Because the GPL license gives you the right to alter and republish the work of other developers under your own name, it opens the door to the possibility of various forms of misuse. Particularly GPL clubs like GPLDL have been singled out as some of the most egregious violators of the GPL’s open source spirit in recent years. People don’t always have the financial means to pay for dozens of pricey WordPress themes and plugins, or they simply don’t want to pay for them. This is the ostensible reason why these stores exist. If you are unsure about whether or not a specific product will fulfill your requirements, it is reasonable for you to act in this manner. Therefore, you should regard the websites such to GPLDL to be “try before you purchase” retailers.

You can easily test a wide variety of competing plugins by subscribing to the GPL club. This allows you to determine which one is the most suitable for your project. Because GPL Clubs like GPLDL or are concerned with aggregating software and “nulling” it (removing its licensing limitations, although at Plugin Rush we do NOT sell any nulled plugins), they are able to sell these items for a price that is significantly lower than what it would be if you were to acquire them directly from the original developer.

Again, obtaining a duplicate of plugins and themes from these marketplaces is perfectly legal, but some people believe that it is unethical to do so because you are robbing the original creators of the opportunity to make a career off of their hard work.