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Woolementor Pro links Elementor, the world’s most popular page builder plugin, with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce plugin. It expands Elementor’s capabilities to the point that you can alter every WooCommerce page, including the cart and checkout pages, with it.

Woolementor Pro includes ten gorgeous and eye-catching shop designs that will take your breath away. 4 of these are included in the free version, and 6 are included in the premium version. And they’re completely customized. So, all you need is an easy-to-use WooCommerce customization plugin called Woolementor Pro to update your WooCommerce shop and create your own look.

Have you ever wondered if your WooCommerce cart page might be customized? It was made possible via Woolementor Pro. A WooCommerce cart’s entire structure can be changed. You can alter the layout, fields, fonts, color, and columns, among other things. Create a fantastic cart that reflects your interests and encourages visitors to complete the checkout process.

Do you wish to expand the billing form with new fields? Or should I put it in the Order Notes section? Perhaps you’d like consumers to be able to add a special note or their date of birth to their order? This is something Woolementor Pro can help you with. Elementor does not allow you to customize WooCommerce Checkout, however Woolementor Pro allows you to change, add, and remove WooCommerce Checkout fields. It contains the six main elements of a checkout page.

Customers are always happy to receive the things they are looking for. Allow your consumers to filter products on the shop page with the help of Woolementor Pro.

Do you want to make a product page that’s easy to navigate? Then Woolementor Pro is the program for you. This plugin allows you to customize every aspect of the product page.

The first step in impressing your customers is to have a well-designed product page, and Woolementor Pro makes it easy for you. Allow customers to sort products by title, date, best seller, most rated, and 11 other qualities, as well as filter them by taxonomies, prices, ratings, or custom attributes. It’s worth noting that Woolementor Pro’s filters allow you to filter products based on several criteria.

Woolementor FAQs

Does Woolementor require Elementor Pro?

You only need the free version of Elementor installed on your WordPress website to use our plugin; it is not necessary to have Elementor Pro installed.

What plugins do I need to make this work?

The foundation of Woolementor (CoDesigner) was built by combining some of the best elements of Elementor and WooCommerce, as well as adding a slew of new capabilities to improve the user experience. That’s why, in order to get the most out of Woolementor, users must also install Elementor and WooCommerce.

Does the Elementor Pro Shop widget work with this plugin?

Woolementor’s (CoDesigner’s) filter widgets have been among the most popular and widely used widgets. This widget was previously only compatible with our shop widgets. You may now utilize the filter widgets with the Elementor Pro shop widget in the current version of CoDesigner 3.0.1.

I'm getting error messages when I install this plugin, what's the fix?

Because every site employs multiple plugins and themes, there’s a chance they’ll clash. This most likely happened to your site if it crashes and/or displays an error message.

The first step in fixing this is to update the plugins to the most recent version. We refer to both our own and third-party plugins when we say “plugins.”

To do so, go to the Plugins menu and look for an update notice for any of the plugins. The job will be completed by clicking the Update Now button.

What is a GPL licence for plugins and themes?

Others can fork and alter plugins published under the GPL (General Public Licensing), and then distribute the modified plugins to others under the same license terms. An issue arises when a plugin is forked and the new developer does not alter the plugin’s name or logo. This is known as forking. While clients may feel that they are purchasing the same plugin from the same source, this is not the case, and it constitutes a violation of the original developer’s trademark on the company’s name and logo, which is protected by law.

The presence of proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) technology in the plugin creates an additional complication when the redistributable code is licensed under the GPL but the plugin employs proprietary software that is not included in the redistributable code. To give an example, the Elementor plugin receives confidential data from their servers, and those servers also contain proprietary code that performs additional computations on the data that has been received.

The GPL is really excellent because it promotes innovation by making code available for others to use and hence fosters new ideas. This is made possible by the GNU General Public License. External parties, such as security researchers, are able to analyze source code as a result of this, which aids in the detection of vulnerabilities and the development of internet security overall. In contrast, exploiting the GPL in order to pretend to be someone you are not while simultaneously deleting functionality that a client expects is contrary to the purpose for which the GPL was established in the first place.

Plugin Rush adheres to the GNU General Public License and does not alter the plugins and themes available on this site in any way.

How do I install Woolementor 3.2.2?

It is possible that you are already familiar with the plugin installation process because Woolementor installation is similar to that of any other plugin’s installation method. Since this is not a nulled plugin, it’s a 100% full version, then you can follow the same steps as below.

  • Log in to your website using your username and password.
  • Select Plugins -> Add New from the menu bar.
  • To upload a file, click the Upload link.
  • Navigate to the plugin’s zip file (which you can download from Plugin Rush) and choose it from the list of files.
  • Wait for the plugin to be uploaded and installed on your server.
  • To activate the plugin, click on the “Activate Plugin” button.

Congratulations, you have completed your install! To begin building, navigate to Pages->Add new and select the Woolementor option from the drop-down menu. Check WP Dashboard > Woolementor to see if there are any further settings to be found.

Elementor Pro Nulled 1

What are the features of Woolementor Nulled?

Woolementor (now CoDesigner) has a wide range of amazing features to make it a fully fledged website building tool perfect for WooCommerce and Elementor.

Emails with a Beautiful Design

The Email Designer you’ve been waiting for is now here. Elementor now allows you to modify WooCommerce emails. Elementor couldn’t customize the system-generated emails until CoDesigner made it possible. Create your own email template, select an email event (new order, completed order, etc.) and you’re finished.

Checkout Page with Intelligence

Have you considered adding more relevant fields to WooCommerce’s checkout page? Now you can accomplish it quickly and easily with CoDesigner! Without any code, you will be able to build and add relevant fields to your checkout page.

The Ideal Cart Page

Are you tired with the same old WooCommerce cart page? CoDesigner allows you to modify every aspect of your cart page, so you won’t be bored for long. You have the option of displaying all cart products in a row or side by side.

Header, footer, shop, and other features

Elementor templates such as Header, Footer, Single Product, and Shop pages may now be created with CoDesigner. You can choose where your templates appear depending on product categories, product IDs, and other factors.

Beautiful Shop Designs

CoDesigner includes 8 gorgeous and eye-catching shop designs that will take your breath away. They’re also very customizable. Do you require a grid view for your shop? Or perhaps a slider or a table of products? We’ve got your back.

Single-Item Components

Do you want to make product pages that are easy to navigate? Then CoDesigner is the program for you. Our plugin allows you to customize every aspect of the product page. The first step in impressing your customers is to have a well-designed product page, and CoDesigner makes it easy for you.

Shop Filters That Can Be Customized

Without any coding skills, CoDesigner makes it incredibly simple to develop fully functional and highly configurable product filters. Allow users to sort and filter products based on taxonomies, pricing, ratings, and other properties.

Showcase of Exclusive Reviews

It’s always vital to highlight your shop’s top products, and CoDesigner can help you do so by allowing you to post eye-catching user evaluations. These ratings will undoubtedly increase your sales and add value to your company.

Sections with Beautiful Galleries

With the aid of CoDesigner, you can create a stunning product gallery and improve the appearance of your website. When you have CoDesigner, you won’t need to install any additional plugins to show off your product portfolio.

Price Table that is Simple to Use

Create a simple and informative pricing table to assist your users in selecting the best package for them. You can create your own price table using CoDesigner’s built-in price tables.

Ensure that you enjoy your shopping experience.

Customer appreciation is the cornerstone to a successful business. You can now make them feel special and thank them by developing an appealing Thank You Page with the aid of our plugin.

Keep a record of your purchases

It’s critical that your users be able to maintain track of their purchases. CoDesigner allows you to easily customize your My Account page.

Wishlist that is unique to you

Customize your wishlist with a fully adjustable table, style, currency symbol, and item button, as well as everything else you’ll need to make it stand out. Customers can add items to their shopping basket directly from this list. Maintain consumer interest. They’re going to return.

Recent Sales are shown.

You can use the Sales Notification widget to show off your latest sales. It’s a tried and true symbol of trust! Notifications can be generated automatically or manually from your orders.

Keep everything in order.

When it comes to displaying more content in a smaller section, organized Tabs are always a good choice. The Dynamic Tabs widget in CoDesigner allows you to present varied contents inside tabs, such as static texts or pre-made templates.

Copy-Paste from one domain to another

Have you spent some time on one of your sites creating an incredible page that you’d like to replicate on another? This is a feature that we’ve incorporated in CoDesigner. Bringing something from one site to another is now as simple as clicking a button!

In minutes, you can create stunning pages.

Are you tired of starting from scratch when it comes to constructing a website? CoDesigner has a template collection to make your life easier. You can quickly create eye-catching pages using the predefined designs!

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