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WPBakery Visual Composer Nulled

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WPBakery Visual Composer Nulled is a drag and drop page builder that is simple to use and will assist you in creating any layout you can dream quickly and easily. WPBakery Visual Composer includes everything you need to build a fully functional responsive website.

With WPBakery Page Builder Responsive Preview accessible right out of the box, you can save money on purchasing several devices for your website. Due to the fact that Visual Composer is a visual tool, it lowers the barrier to entry for non-technical persons who wish to begin their online projects. You will become a WordPress master in less than a day if you use the easy interface and thorough lessons (which include video tutorials).

It is an excellent choice for both experienced users and newcomers to the field. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface, as well as a variety of pre-designed themes and content features, make it possible to turn your ideas into a working website.

What Was the Reason for the Rebranding of Visual Composer to WPBakery Page Builder?

WPBakery Page Builder, formerly known as Visual Composer page builder, is one of the first page builders for the WordPress platform and was developed by Automattic. Since then, the Visual Composer trademark has been used for a completely unrelated project: a full-featured website builder called Visual Composer Website Builder, which is now available for purchase. More information can be found in our Visual Composer review.

While the original WPBakery Page Builder is still available for purchase on CodeCanyon, the Visual Composer Website Builder is a different plugin that can only be purchased via the Visual Composer website. You can notice the differences between Visual Composer and WPBakery by comparing the two.

Visual Composer Website Builder and WPBakery Page Builder are both stand-alone tools that work independently of one another. They are claiming that they cannot be simply replaced one by one (yet, they have plans to write a migration tool later on).

When it comes to content management, WPBakery Page Builder takes care of things, but the Website Builder is an entirely new product that promises to provide solutions for the building of a whole website (ex. add logo and menu elements). When it comes to design options, Visual Composer Website Builder provides a plethora of additional tools and libraries. Additionally, the Website Builder has a Visual Composer Hub, which contains premium-quality elements and templates that can be downloaded.

A entirely new WordPress builder plugin, WPBakery Visual Composer Nulled is distributed under the Visual Composer trademark and is the first of its kind. It combines the best elements of the page builder in a new way with completely new ideas that have never been seen before in WordPress. It is optimized for performance and user experience.

Visual Composer FAQs

Is it possible to use WPBakery Visual Composer with any WordPress theme?

WPBakery Visual Composer is compatible with any correctly coded themes and does not cause any issues. What does it mean to have a “properly coded theme”? There has been an official WordPress codex produced, which outlines the standards that must be followed while creating a WordPress theme. If you have built your theme in accordance with the WordPress codex, there should be no difficulty in incorporating WPBakery Visual Composer or Page Builder into it.

Is WPBakery Visual Composer nulled compatible with the Gutenberg editor?

A compatibility feature between the page builder and the Gutenberg editor was added to WPBakery’s 5.5 update, which was released on the 7th of June, 2018. If you have WPBakery version 5.5 or later installed, you will notice two options connected to the Gutenberg editor: the Gutenberg editor and the Classic editor.

When you select the Gutenberg content element from the Add Element menu, you will be able to put Gutenberg layout/blocks straight into the layout of WPBakery Page Builder or Visual Composer (Please note that you can insert an unlimited number of Gutenberg editor instances on the same page).

In the WPBakery Visual Composer Settings, there is an option to disable the Gutenberg editor on your WordPress site (in your WordPress Admin Dashboard).

Is it possible to obtain a white label version of WPBakery Page Builder?

WPBakery does not currently offer a white label version of their products. There are two types of licenses accessible in terms of licensing:

  • License for regular/single use
  • License that has been extended

Using their API for developers, you can make changes to WPBakery Visual Comper nulled, but you will be unable to claim any ownership rights in WPBakery Visual Composer or any part of it, even if the changes are successful.

Is it possible to create my own shortcode sets?

In a nutshell, yes. Please refer to the advanced documentation file for more information (this is something that should be done by php developer). Alternatively, if you are not comfortable with PHP/WP scripting, you can use our new Shortcode Mapper, which can be found under the WP Dashboard -> WPBakery Page Builder -> My Shortcodes part of the WP Dashboard.

Is it possible to link to a certain row of my layout?

WPBakery Page Builder version 4.5 introduces the ability to assign a unique identifier (ID) to a row, which can then be used as an anchor pointer when constructing a link.

Additionally, ID can be utilized to create more complex JS solutions that require the identification of specific elements.

Important: When adding an ID to a row, make sure it is a one-of-a-kind string value.

What is a nulled plugin?

In most cases, nulled plugins are repackaged versions of previously purchased premium plugins that have been enhanced such that they provide some level of premium functionality without requiring you to purchase a license for the plugin. Nulled plugins and themes, in the vast majority of cases, do not provide full premium functionality and are frequently contaminated with malware, such as backdoors, which makes them ineffective. The plugins and themes available on Plugin Rush are not nulled; instead, they are 100 percent full versions obtained directly from the plugin creators.

It is typical for nulled plugins to retain the same brand name and logo as their original equivalents, giving the impression to customers that they are purchasing a paid version of the original plugin, which is not true. After opening a support ticket with the original seller, however, the customer learns that the seller has no idea what the customer is talking about or what they are attempting to do.

What is a GPL licence for plugins and themes?

Others can fork and alter plugins published under the GPL (General Public Licensing), and then distribute the modified plugins to others under the same license terms. An issue arises when a plugin is forked and the new developer does not alter the plugin’s name or logo. This is known as forking. While clients may feel that they are purchasing the same plugin from the same source, this is not the case, and it constitutes a violation of the original developer’s trademark on the company’s name and logo, which is protected by law.

The presence of proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) technology in the plugin creates an additional complication when the redistributable code is licensed under the GPL but the plugin employs proprietary software that is not included in the redistributable code. To give an example, the Elementor plugin receives confidential data from their servers, and those servers also contain proprietary code that performs additional computations on the data that has been received.

The GPL is really excellent because it promotes innovation by making code available for others to use and hence fosters new ideas. This is made possible by the GNU General Public License. External parties, such as security researchers, are able to analyze source code as a result of this, which aids in the detection of vulnerabilities and the development of internet security overall. In contrast, exploiting the GPL in order to pretend to be someone you are not while simultaneously deleting functionality that a client expects is contrary to the purpose for which the GPL was established in the first place.

Plugin Rush adheres to the GNU General Public License and does not alter the plugins and themes available on this site in any way.

How do I install WPBakery Visual Composer?

It is possible that you are already familiar with the plugin installation process because WPBakery Page Builder installation is similar to that of any other plugin’s installation method. Since this is not a nulled plugin, it’s a 100% full version, then you can follow the same steps as below.

  • Log in to your website using your username and password.
  • Select Plugins -> Add New from the menu bar.
  • To upload a file, click the Upload link.
  • Navigate to the plugin’s zip file (which you can download from Plugin Rush) and choose it from the list of files.
  • Wait for the plugin to be uploaded and installed on your server.
  • To activate the plugin, click on the “Activate Plugin” button.

Congratulations, you have completed your install! To begin building, navigate to Pages->Add new and select the WPBakery Page Builder option from the drop-down menu. Check WP Dashboard > WPBakery Page Builder to see if there are any further settings to be found.

Elementor Pro Nulled 1

WPBakery Visual Composer Nulled Review

This is not merely an upgraded version of WPBakery (or the previous Visual Composer Page Builder), but rather a complete rewrite of the application from the ground up. Visual Composer is a drag-and-drop website builder that is both fast and simple to use. Visual Composer is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Apart from the drag and drop design, you’ll also receive access to high-quality templates, extensions, and elements, as well as WordPress “blocks” (the new standard in publishing content).

Visual Composer has been redesigned to be more user-friendly for newcomers, and it streamlines much of the WordPress process. You have the option of starting with a template or customizing your appearance. The most significant aspect to consider is that Visual Composer completely transforms the way you interact with WordPress. The UI is simpler to use, less WordPress-centric, and more focused on the product as a whole.

With the new interface, you can construct pages more quickly and tweak content pieces so that they display properly on all mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. To generate rich content, you may use WooCommerce blocks and download new elements from the plugin’s repository. You can also make the plugin compatible with a variety of other WordPress products.

Visual Composer is marketed by the firm as a plugin that “works with any WordPress theme,” which is exactly what WPBakery suggested. Visual Composer, on the other hand, not only speeds up the process, but it also allows you to see changes in real time thanks to a Tree view, a “live” Frontend, and an Inline editor. With a live viewer, you don’t have to “preview” anything in order to witness a change.

What differentiates WP Bakery Visual Composer Website Builder (as opposed to a simple page builder) from other page builders is the ability to change parts of the page and spaces, as well as backgrounds, borders, and other special effects.

The integration with Unsplash stock photo photos, pop-up builders that recommend high-conversion tools, and smart Analytics provide additional value.

Visual Composer also connects with third-party add-ons, which may or may not be available at no additional charge.


  • A more modern design that goes beyond the conventional WordPress interface.
  • It is believed that cleaner code will result in higher performance.
  • There are more than 200 templates to pick from.
  • Rows, elements, and sections can be saved.
  • It is possible to edit global or page headers, footers, and sidebars using a drag and drop interface.


  • It takes more time to become proficient than WPBakery.
  • Not only is it more expensive due of the yearly fees, but it is also more expensive because of the number of sites.
  • Several people assert Despite the fact that the site is more user-friendly for newbies, it offers fewer personalization overall.

What are the features of Visual Composer Page Builder

Visual Composer is a WordPress page builder that includes templates, blocks, elements, and extensions. It allows you to create professional-looking websites quickly and easily. There is no requirement for coding abilities.

Editor with Drag and Drop functionality

Create your website with the help of a drag and drop editor that is straightforward and easy to use. With a frontend editor that is actually what you see is what you get, you can see the results right away.

Visual Composer Hub is a visual composition tool.

The Visual Composer Hub contains content pieces, templates, stock pictures, and add-ons that may be downloaded. A free cloud marketplace with weekly content upgrades that provides everything you could possibly need to start your own website.

Content Elements with a Lot of Variety

Create any type of website layout you can think of. Choose from more than 300 unique content items, each with its own set of design possibilities. From basic images or buttons to complicated slideshows, tabs, and WooCommerce blocks, there is something for everyone. Forget about re-creating elements from the ground up. We have everything you need to get started on a new website design right away, so you can save time and move more quickly.

Templates for the Professional

Not enough time or skills to design your own website? We can help. We’ve got you covered with hundreds of ready-to-use template designs. Choose from more than 300 professional templates made for a variety of sectors and you’ll have your site up and operating in minutes.

Theme Builder

Create a whole website with this tool. Select one of the most popular page layouts and customize your content, headers, footers, and sidebars to your liking. Visual Composer can assist you in the development of every component of your website.

Popup Builder

Popup Builder Create a popup that will compel users to take a specific action. With the Visual Composer Popup Builder, you can construct your own one-of-a-kind popups and see a significant increase in conversion rates.

Design for All Devices

Visual Composer Website Builder allows you to create mobile-friendly websites. Create WordPress websites that are mobile-friendly and pixel-perfect in no time.

Alternatives in Design

With the powerful design possibilities available, you can make any piece of your design your own. With a simple click, you can add parallax effects, background videos, shapes, gradients, and more to your images. Take command of your page design and use it to create a pixel-perfect website.

Integrations that are seamless

Discover the full range of integrations and content pieces available. Visual Composer can be used in conjunction with your preferred products and services to help your business expand more quickly.

API for Developers

Visual Composer API, which was created with developers in mind, allowing you to create unique content elements for use in custom projects and for customers.

Row Layout Builder is a tool for creating layouts in rows.

Create a page structure that is simple to use by using rows and columns. Because Visual Composer is designed with responsiveness in mind, all of your content will display perfectly on mobile devices straight out of the box.

The most powerful website creation tool available.

Currently, Visual Composer is the most technologically advanced and multi-functional website builder available on the market. The opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies such as ReactJS to develop innovative solutions with exceptional performance is provided.

Interface that is simple to utilize

Customers who will use your theme will place a high value on an easy-to-use website builder, which should be available on your website. Allow your clients to realize how easy it is to deal with you and your product. Select a Visual Composer page builder that is simple to use and allows for quick and easy content editing without the need for coding.

Assets library with a lot of features

Visual Composer comes with a slew of features that complement the 350+ free and premium content elements, predefined templates, and sophisticated Design Options that are already included in the software. All of this information is saved in the Visual Composer Hub, which is updated on a regular basis.

Performance and speed are outstanding.

You want your theme to be responsive, which means that it should load in a blink of an eye.. Your customers feel the same way. When it comes to speed, Visual Composer has shown to be exceptional. Its performance is outstanding, and it adds virtually no load time to your theme. Visual Composer does not rely on shortcodes and generates code that is free of errors.

Regularly provided assistance

By utilizing Visual Composer, you can rest assured that you and your consumers are in good hands. It is the responsibility of our devoted staff to ensure that the plugin is continually developed and updated to comply with all WordPress compatibility standards. Keep track of any Visual Composer updates that occur.

Exceptional overall experience

The capabilities of Visual Composer are frequently recommended by our users, who include developers, theme authors, and enthusiastic WordPress aficionados. Participate in and have an impact on the Visual Composer roadmap to ensure that you get the features you need!

Using Visual Composer in Your WordPress Theme: What You Should Know

Visual Composer is available in two extremely powerful editions. Integrate Visual Composer Free into any theme and make it available for purchase on any online marketplace. Choose Visual Composer Premium and sell your theme only through your Envato account to gain access to an infinite number of possibilities.

Integration is completely free.

The free edition has a plethora of capabilities that complement the 40+ free content elements, predefined templates, and other features available in the paid version. It is easy to add Visual Composer Free in any WordPress theme by utilizing a TGM plugin activation mechanism, which is described here.

Premium integration is available.

The premium version of Visual Composer unlocks the full potential of the program. Create your own page layouts, explore the endless Visual Composer Hub, and benefit from world-class live customer support. Integrate the premium version of Visual Composer into your Envato theme and take advantage of all of its features.

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